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Ec-Inoks Collection


Ecological Outdoor Furniture

Designer: Éric Carrère (F)

luxury outdoor furnitureLow on frivolity and high on functionality; comfortable and stackable, with an optimal lifecycle, thanks to a low carbon footprint and recyclability.

304 stainless steel, 90 % recyclable

Anti-wear gliders
made of 80 % recycled polyamide

Self-supporting and detachable canvas

Glass top enamelled and sanded

Canvas in Batyline® Canatex
integrating natural hemp

Central swivelling leave

Adjustable chaise lounge

Arm in aluminium col. Chanvre

Batyline® Canatex

Batyline Canatex, a woven fabric made of polyester fibers (core) with a composite sheath partly made of hemp thread grown using sustainable farming techniques. Even though it is made of two different materials, Batyline Canatex is entirely recyclable thanks to the manufacturer's Texyloop® process. The product is flexible, light, quick-drying, anti-fungal, UV-resistant, fire-resistant and comes in a wide range of colours.

Mechanical tests and tests for abrasion and low and high temperatures have proven the product's sturdiness. Thanks to the listed characteristics, Batyline Canatex is a textile alternative that opens for many applications such as indoor and outdoor furniture, architecture and other high requirement applications.

Electro-polished stainless steel

Although stainless steel has good resistance to corrosion, small spots of rust may appear over time. The protection from corrosion is due to the spontaneous, but slow development of a fine layer of iron oxide.

Type 304 stainless (inox) steel, 90 % recyclable used by sifas® underwent 2 essential operations in order to avoid oxidation: chemically sandblasted which considerably increases hardness and resistance of the stainless steel surface, thus reducing its exposure to scratches and aggressions; electro-polishing which, through electrolysis, removes carbon and iron particles from the surface in order to increase the adhesion of chromium and nickel.

This produces much better resistance to corrosion, and increases the shine and smoothness of the surface. Sifas® stainless steel finish is guaranteed.

Technical and color data

  • Structure in 304 stainless steel tubes, 90 % recyclable, electrolytic polish finish which removes surface ferrous particles and ensures increased resistance to atmospheric corrosion, chemical agents and salt spray.

  • 4 anti-wear gliders made of polyamide reinforced by fibreglass.
  • Self-supporting and detachable canvas (polyester thread coated with polyvinyl) made of natural hemp fibre Batyline® Canatex. Hemp is a plant which absorbs carbon dioxide from the air and whose cultivation helps to reduce the greenhouse effect.
  • Aluminium armrests.
  • Glass top enamelled underneath at 900° C (1652°F), chemically sanded on top surface and edges (no finger marks).
  • Central built-in swivelling leave.
  • The chairs, armchairs and coffee tables can be stacked very closely.
  • The chairs and dining chairs inter-stack.
  • Ec-Inoks was inspired by an approach to sustainability, i.e. by opting for durable materials with a low carbon footprint that are also recyclable and have a good weight/performance ratio, with the aim to limit the environmental impact of products and services throughout their life cycle.
Materials tested for resistance to environment, sun, water, sea fog, freezing as well as to natural chemical agents.

Cushion Finishes

Deauville Canvas
Natural Velvet Stripe
Taupe Velvet Stripe

Fabric color

Canatex Chanvre