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Because of its confidence in its expertise and quality control procedures, sifas® offers a 10 year warranty for home use from the date of purchase for all manufacturing defects of the furniture and a 2 year warranty for textile products and surface finishing.

This warranty excludes normal wear and tear and the consequences of any inappropriate treatment, as well as damage by the buyer or third-parties.

Sifas® may choose how to respond to the warranty claim, either by repair or replacement of the involved components. All other claims are excluded.

Materials Technology

Sifas® products are designed using among the proven technologies, processes that ensure the best durability in the worst environment for each of the components including the screws, in accordance with our TT* guarantee (UV,sea fog, water-humidity, freezing, natural chemical agents) resulting in simplicity of use and maintenance of the furniture by clients and fulfilling the criterion for long-lasting aesthetic appearance.

Batyline® Canatex

Komfy - Kwadra - Ec-inoks - Oskar

The self-supporting canvas of the seatings and backs are made of natural hemp fiber Batyline® Canatex, polyester thread coated with polyvinyl. A material which absorbs atmospheric CO2, helping to reduce the greenhouse effect. The fiber surface has been especially treated against UV radiation and is fire-retardant. Hemp fiber is factoryrecyclable.

Glossy aluminium

Komfy - Kwadra - Sakura - Kross

Chromed aluminium structures, lacquered and baked at 200°C (392°F). The epoxy powder coating is uniformly applied (80 micron-layer) by means of an electrostatic spray. The micro-balls of powder are attracted to the entire surface of the metal, and become perfectly fixed to the aluminium. While in the oven, they melt and harden, forming an even, and ultra-resistance layer of lacquer. The lacquered finish by sifas® is guaranteed . It is smooth and shiny, or structured-granite look. The process is tested during production to verify the adhesion of the lacquer on the metal using the cross-cut test, which is used in the car industry (ISO 2409 standard).

Electro-polished stainless steel

Komfy - Ec-Inoks

Although stainless steel has good resistance to corrosion, small spots of rust may appear over time. The protection from corrosion is due to the spontaneous, but slow development of a fine layer of iron oxide. Type 304 stainless (inox) steel, 90 %recyclable used by sifas® underwent 2 essential operations in order to avoid oxidation: chemically sandblasted which considerably increases hardness and resistance of the stainless steel surface, thus reducing its exposure to scratches and aggressions; electro-polishing which, through electrolysis, removes carbon and iron particles from the surface in order to increase the adhesion of chromium and nickel. This produces much better resistance to corrosion, and increases the shine and smoothness of the surface. Sifas® stainless steel finish is guaranteed.

Hydropass® system


The comfortable mattress wrapped around the aluminium structure is a technological is a very supple and totally resilient material. It comprises a 3-dimensional network of polyester fibres providing a thickness of 30 mm; a honeycomb mesh is added to this network. On the Sakura collection, this mattress may be removed. After a rain shower, this mattress Hydropass® is dry in 15 minutes: the water passes through the network immediately, without retention, without stagnation, without a risk of mould forming. For outdoor use, Hydropass® dispenses with the need to protect the cushions from the weather; you can sit on them at the pool side dripping-wet without sitting in the wetness. It can be cleaned with a water jet set (medium pressure). Sifas® Hydropass® is guaranteed.



Top slats in high density polyethylene (HDPE) dope-dyed with stable pigments. It keeps its appearance and touch of teak, but does not stain, is insensitive to water, resists UV (grade 4/5 –ISO Standard 105-A02). Synteak® can be entirely recycled and helps preserving woods and forests. Sifas® Synteak® is guaranteed.

Materials tested for resistance to environment, sun, water, sea fog, freezing as well as to natural chemical agents.

Textile opaque to light, water proof treated, removable and washable in washing machine at 30°C (86°F).