Oskar Collection

A great classic of chic and timeless outdoor furniture. Oskar represents this Côte d’Azur art of living, both made of moments of relaxation but also of sophistication. It is luxury, elegance and technicality at the service of unparalleled comfort, whether on the deck of a yacht, in a pool house or on the terrace of a house.



During his career, Eric Carrère has carried out numerous projects in a wide variety of sectors: household appliances with SEB, glasses with CEB but also the SNCF and numerous collaborations in outdoor furniture with Sifas.

This multi-talented industrial designer feeds his project with a “product” brief and an analysis of the brand’s universe and its market. For Oskar, he first carefully studied the history of the director’s chair, in order to highlight its fundamental principles to better sublimate them, and to develop materials suitable for outdoor use, in particular the synthetic teak that the we find on the armrests of the armchairs or the tops of the tables.

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