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Inspired by the Kalife collection, the Basket collection of high-end garden furniture makes an impression with its boldness, its more measured volumes and its sophisticated braiding in PVC-coated polyester, resistant and perfectly waterproof.

The art of weaving polyester tubes, carried out by hand in our factories, brilliantly marks the remarkable metamorphosis of outdoor furniture carried out by SIFAS since 1964.

Equally at home in the garden of a very contemporary house or around the pond of a superb Provençal farmhouse, the SIFAS garden furniture collection, Basket, has no equal to breathe life into a garden, a terrace or a patio with a resolutely designer spirit.

A subtle combination of comfort and design, the Basket outdoor furniture collection displays generous shapes and large scrolls with timeless lines.

Deep and luxurious seats, a guarantee of comfort and escape.

The Basket collection and its different sofa modules help you create a comfortable corner to relax or even a space to entertain your guests.

Dining chair, bar stool or even chaise longue. The 18 pieces of the Basket high-end garden furniture collection will effortlessly add a touch of luxury to your garden.

A collection designed to provide superior functionality without sacrificing comfort and elegance.

Aesthetic and practical, the braided polyester of this collection is easy to maintain without major constraints! A sponge soaked in water and liquid soap (or dishwashing liquid) is sufficient for regular maintenance of your products.

Let yourself be transported to a unique moment of comfort and escape with the Basket outdoor furniture collection.

Visit our SIFAS Showrooms for high-end garden furniture or on to find the perfect piece and create a unique and elegant outdoor space.

And for more advice and support in your decorating project, our teams of decorating architects are there to guide you!

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