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Create an outdoor living room ! Transform your outdoor space into a true haven of peace.

Having a beautiful exterior is essential to escape everyday life and enjoy moments of relaxation in the open air.

Whether you have a terrace, a garden or a balcony, creating an inspiring and harmonious outdoor living room is within everyone’s reach !

In this article, we will give you our tips and tricks for creating your personal oasis.

Define the space :

The first step in creating an outdoor living room is to define the space that will be dedicated to it!

Analyze the layout of your outdoor space and identify the best place for relaxation. A terrace, a shaded corner under a tree or a balcony can be interesting options.

Make sure that the space is well-defined and suitable for your needs.

Suitable furniture :

Choose the garden furniture that suits your outdoor space and your needs.

Opt for weather-resistant materials, such as teak wood or lacquered aluminum. Modular garden furniture, like the KOMFY collection and foldable, like the OSKAR collection, are also practical for optimizing space.

Also think about adding comfortable cushions and resistant textiles to bring a touch of softness to your outdoor living room.

Create a warm atmosphere :

Lighting plays a vital role in creating a cozy atmosphere.

Install lanterns, string lights or solar lights to subtly illuminate your space. Discover our new YAKIMOUR design garden furniture lights.

Plants and flowers also help to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Opt for plants adapted to your climate and the exposure of your outdoor space.

The elements of comfort :

To take full advantage of your outdoor living room, don’t forget to add comfort elements.

A parasol or shade sail will protect you from the sun’s rays.

A soft outdoor rug under your feet will bring a warm feeling.

SIFAS offers a wide range of high-end garden furniture accessories to complete your outdoor space. Discover our selection !

Personal touches :

To make your outdoor living room unique, add some personal touches!

Hang photos, artwork or decorative items that inspire you.

Create a relaxing space with books, board games or a small coffee table for a coffee.

Let your creativity and style run wild !

For more advice and tips, do not hesitate to contact our teams of decorator architects! They will offer you design and layout solutions and a selection of garden furniture and accessories adapted to your needs and desires.

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