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An internationally renowned film festival, the Cannes Film Festival is an annual event celebrating the world of cinema and bringing together filmmakers, actors, producers, distributors and critics from around the world.

Deeply rooted in the city’s history, Cannes has become the world capital of cinema since the creation of the Cannes Film Festival on September 1, 1939.

Founder and creator of an elegant and timeless art of living, born on the Côte d’Azur in the 1960s, SIFAS draws inspiration from its Mediterranean roots for its collections of designer garden furniture.

Inspired by the famous Cannes Film Festival, SIFAS has created the Oskar collection in collaboration with designer Eric Carrère.

A new turn in the innovation of materials and styles of high-end garden furniture collections.

A great classic of garden furniture, the Oskar collection by SIFAS represents this Côte d’Azur art of living, both made of moments of relaxation, but also of sophistication.

Inspiration and design drawn from the heart of the world of the Cannes Film Festival, with the Director’s Chairs as its flagship product, the Oskar design garden furniture collection is luxury, elegance and technicality at the service of unparalleled comfort. .

The designer Eric Carrère meticulously studies the history of the Director’s Chair in order to highlight its fundamental principles to better sublimate them, and to develop materials suitable for outdoor use.

Aluminum structure, guarantee of durability and lightness. Warm notes brought by its details in SYNTEAK®, polyethylene extruded in the mass combining several colors in order to reproduce the appearance of teak as closely as possible.

The Oskar collection by SIFAS is an ode to high-end garden furniture collections. Draw your dose of inspiration and become an actor in your own film by creating, you too, a garden layout worthy of the greatest works of the 7ᵉ art!

Discover the Oskar collection and our garden furniture collections, visit our SIFAS showrooms for high-end garden furniture or visit to create a unique and elegant outdoor space.