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Graduated from the National School of Art of Nancy and the Raymond Loewy School in Industrial Aesthetics. Samuel collaborated for 10 years for prestigious design agencies in France and Italy, such as: Arik Levy, Antonio Citterio, and Rodolfo Dordoni.
In 2010, he launched his own studio and worked with various companies as a designer and artistic director.

Between Paris and Biarritz, meet Samuel Accoceberry. Designer and director with an artistic sensibility, who signs the Outline collection for Sifas Outdoor Design.

Samuel Accoceberry & Sifas Outdoor Design, a few words about this collaboration ?

For this first collaboration, Jérôme came to me to offer him a range of outdoor furniture.
After reading the entire brand, I wanted to create an easily modular and elegant range, with practicality in terms of space configuration and use. The idea of dressing and undressing the structures was something that I found very interesting (upkeep, change of colors, etc). And in my opinion, a product was missing in the range where we insisted on armrest comfort. These were my lines of research.

The Outline collection in 3 inspirations ?

The tubular and canvas construction game stretched over it was inspired by the work of Marcel Breuer. The Wassili flesh could be a good starting point. I wanted deep, welcoming seats whose depth could be modulated by different cushions.
This is somewhat reminiscent of the deep recomposed foundations found in the southern Mediterranean.

Your favorite product from the Outline collection ?

I like the simple or modular asymmetrical bench seat. I find that it gives real freedom of use. And the armchair, with its wide wood-like armrest to put a book and glass on.