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From architectural scale to product design, down to styling and decorative details, Studio OTTO carries out design projects with a passion for the flavors and colors of the Southern Hemisphere. Born from the creative vision of Paola Navone, OTTO is a design studio working on international projects.

The teams dedicated to design projects and development, feed a continuous creative contamination. A unique creative process, to achieve the global vision of each project.

For its new collections of high-end garden furniture, SIFAS calls on the talent of Domenico Diego, designer and product development manager for Otto, and Cristina Pettenuzzo, artistic director and designer.

Passionate about music from an early age, Domenico Diego grew up listening to the notes of the electric guitars he collected. The designer even undertakes a tour in Italy and abroad with his group, investigating pop, electronic, heavy metal and expressions of subculture. A professional designer, Domenico Diego follows the development of products, from concept to prototyping, to the final version.

Since her childhood, Cristina Pettenuzzo draws plans of imaginary houses and paints on her clothes. Growing up, her interests oscillated between fashion and design. Fascinated by art, photography, antiques and contemporary jewelry.

In constant search of inspiration, Cristina Pettenuzzo will leave the compass turned towards the East and towards Asia, thus nourishing her unique creative vision. She imagines decorations for interiors and ephemeral decorations, designs objects and accessories for the home and designs surfaces, fabrics and patterns.

New destinations and new styles !

Studio OTTO, takes the SIFAS garden furniture collections, to the four corners of the world.

From Palm Springs to Cannes, Domenico Diego and Cristina Pettenuzzo draw their inspiration from emblematic places of garden furniture collection design. Places rich in tradition, open-mindedness and creative energy.

YakimourPalm SpringsKonicFringes 

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