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Braided polyester – SIFAS manufacturing secret

Design, know-how, innovation and expertise are the 4 pillars of SIFAS and constitute its DNA. Over the decades, SIFAS has evolved the lines of its furniture to the rhythm of avant-garde materials, high-performance treatment of materials, towards ever greater comfort, simplicity and functionality.

The art of weaving polyester tubes, done by hand in our factories, is a brilliant sign of the remarkable metamorphosis of outdoor furniture carried out by SIFAS since 1964.

Each of the SIFAS garden furniture collections, designed and manufactured within the house, is governed by strong values inspired by creativity, elegance and the quality of carefully selected materials.

What is Braided Polyester?

Polyester thread coated with a PVC coating, to guarantee optimal waterproofing. Tubular weave surrounding a rubber core, braided polyester by SIFAS is designed and manufactured for outdoor use and quick drying.

An ideal material to face weather conditions and hazards !

Manufacturing secret, RIVIERA collection !

The RIVIERA collection, high-end SIFAS garden furniture, is a real feat in the art of weaving polyester tubes. The aerial and curved lines, in natural rubber, brilliantly mark the expertise and the manufacturing technique of the SIFAS experts. For the sofa from the RIVIERA garden furniture collection, more than 400m of yarn are worked by hand for a whole week at the heart of our factories.

How to maintain your braided polyester tube products?

Aesthetic and practical, braided polyester can be maintained without major constraints! A sponge soaked in water and liquid soap (or dishwashing liquid) is sufficient for regular maintenance of your products. For the most stubborn stains, apply, without rubbing, a cloth soaked in glass product, or white vinegar, diluted half in water. Then rinse with plenty of water!

Stay inspired and discover the superior quality SIFAS garden furniture collections in woven polyester:


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