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For 50 years, SIFAS has accompanied the remarkable metamorphosis of outdoor furniture, with the innovation of materials and the search for total comfort.

Experts in design and materials technologies, each of the SIFAS designer garden furniture collections is governed by quality and high standards.

Discover lacquered aluminum today, the perfect combination of lightness and durability !

What is lacquered aluminium ?

Protection system of the material itself, which consists of applying a layer of powder paint to the surface of the metal. The lacquering of the aluminum is carried out thanks to a pre-treatment by bath, which allows a perfect attachment of the powder paint,
baked for maximum outdoor resistance.

SIFAS expertise ?

From bending molds guaranteeing a perfect shape of the different parts, to computer cut-outs for a precision of less than 1 mm.
The work of the lacquered aluminum strips and their thickness, by the SIFAS teams, offers our customers a selection of products and collections of top-of-the-range garden furniture with optimal longevity.

Trade secret, KWADRA collection! 

A technical feat of mastery of manufacturing technologies, the KWADRA design garden furniture collection from SIFAS is composed, in addition to its lacquered aluminum structure, of stainless steel parts integrated inside the braided polyester to guarantee perfect tension of the canvas offering unparalleled comfort.

How to maintain your lacquered aluminum products ?

Easy to maintain, the SIFAS collections in lacquered aluminum can be cleaned weekly using a sponge and water with a wetting agent such as Teepol, or glass product. All you have to do is rinse your garden furniture collections with plenty of clear water and wipe carefully with a soft, dry and absorbent cloth.

Stay inspired and discover the SIFAS superior quality lacquered aluminum garden furniture collections !


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