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Discover the Teak today, and its refined elegance!

Experts in design and materials technologies, each of the SIFAS designer garden furniture collections is governed by quality and high standards.

Over the decades, SIFAS has evolved the lines of its furniture to the rhythm of avant-garde materials, high-performance treatment of materials, towards ever greater comfort, simplicity and functionality.

What is Teak ?

Originally from Asia, teak is an exotic wood species particularly known for its qualities in terms of durability. Labeled FSC (certification of forest management), this noble material has many advantages that make it the best wood !

If teak wood is known for its great resistance, it is in particular because it does not fear weather conditions. Rich in natural oil for durability and sturdiness, Teak remains the best wood for your garden furniture.

SIFAS expertise ?

After assembling the different parts of our Teak products, the SIFAS teams carry out a treatment with an exterior patina, giving our high-end garden furniture collections a “greyish” visual appearance called “Aged Teak”.

Beyond its aesthetic aspect, this patina makes it possible to anticipate the natural aging of teak.

Manufacturing secret, SPERONE collection !

Meeting of a Mediterranean style and a mastery of materials technologies, the new collection of design garden furniture SPERONE, reflects 60 years of expertise SIFAS. The Teak structure, clad in hand-woven polyester fiber rope, guaranteed for outdoor use, gives it a unique look and mechanical solidity.

If you are looking to add a touch of luxury to your garden, the SPERONE garden furniture collection is certainly a wise choice !

How to care for your teak products ?

Aesthetic and practical, Teak does not require regular maintenance !

Clean your products, once or twice a year, with hot water and shavings of natural soap. If you wish, it is possible to sand the teak when reliefs appear, but no need to paint or varnish.

Stay inspired and discover the top quality SIFAS teak garden furniture collections: SPERONECOCOKOMFY

Visit our high-end garden furniture SIFAS showrooms or visit to find the perfect piece.

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