Sifas reveals the 2024 high-end garden furniture collections

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Sifas, the high-end garden furniture brand, recently organized an exceptional press morning in its Antibes showroom.

This long-awaited event offered journalists a unique opportunity to discover the exciting new products that Sifas has prepared for the year 2024. The company’s executives, as well as the talented designers of Studio OTTO, were present to share their vision and their inspiration behind the new collections.

An overview of upcoming trends: The press morning began with an inspiring presentation, highlighting the main trends in garden furniture for the year to come. The Sifas teams highlighted the growing importance of creating outdoor spaces that bring out the style and comfort of interiors. They also highlighted the evolution of sustainable materials and Sifas’ commitment to environmental protection.

Studio OTTO – The creative mind behind the new collections: The journalists then had the opportunity to meet the talented designers of Studio OTTO. These renowned designers worked closely with Sifas to design the new garden furniture collections. They shared their creative process, their inspiration and their passion for design innovation.

New products for 2024: The most anticipated part of the press event was the presentation of the new Sifas collections for the year 2024. The journalists were amazed by the modern, elegant and functional designs that present Sifas furniture. The new ranges of garden furniture offer a harmonious fusion between contemporary aesthetics and ultimate comfort.

Premium materials: Sifas has always been recognized for its choice of premium materials, and the new collections are no exception to this reputation. Journalists were impressed by the use of sustainable materials such as FSC-certified teak, lightweight and durable aluminum, and weather-resistant fabrics. These materials guarantee exceptional durability, even in the most demanding outdoor conditions.

Privileged meetings with managers: The press event also offered journalists the opportunity to meet Sifas managers. They were able to interact directly with them, ask questions about the brand’s philosophy, manufacturing processes and perspectives. These privileged meetings allowed journalists to better understand Sifas’ commitment to quality, innovation and design.

Modern and functional designs, combined with the use of sustainable materials, demonstrate Sifas’ commitment to excellence and innovation.

Through the collaboration with Studio OTTO, Sifas continues to push the boundaries of garden furniture, providing stylish and comfortable outdoor spaces for years to come.