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From the shores of the Mediterranean to New York rooftops. SIFAS takes you to the heart of the places and inspirations that transform our new and old garden furniture collections.

First destination of this journey of style, design and trend: The Riviera.

Sea air with salty scents and a gaze towards the horizon of the Mediterranean Sea.

Where escape and travel meet.

Sail with the waves, reflecting the rays of the French Riviera sun on the surface of the clear water.

Places where the warmth of the shores of this idyllic French Riviera embraces the bridges and terraces clad in their most beautiful wood.

Subtle combination of tradition and modernity, combining comfort and functionality.

The SIFAS collections and their high-end materials meet a promise of style and durability.

From lacquered or forged aluminum structures, to technological innovations in materials.

Every detail, thought out and created to offer a unique experience, imbued with an energy of ultimate escape.


Discover the SIFAS high-end garden furniture collections, like you’ve never seen them before!

Textile finishes, color combinations and layouts of garden furniture and accessories. SIFAS joins forces with the unique creative vision of Studio OTTO for a breathtaking transformation of the collections that have marked the brand’s history.

From architectural scale to product design, to style and decoration details, Studio OTTO carries out design projects with a passion for the flavors and colors of the Southern Hemisphere. Born from the vision of Paola Navone, OTTO is a design studio working on international projects.

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