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YAKIMOUR is the name of a magnificent villa located near Cannes which belonged to the Sultan Aga Khan and his wife the Begum. From the 1940s, YAKIMOUR became the meeting place for the international aristocracy and the many artists, painters and writers who had taken up residence in the South of France.

For this collection of high-end garden furniture, SIFAS collaborates with the unique creative vision of Studio OTTO. From this collaboration of art and design enthusiasts, born YAKIMOUR.

From architectural scale to product design, down to styling and decorative details, Studio OTTO carries out design projects with a passion for the flavors and colors of the Southern Hemisphere. Born from the vision of Paola Navone, OTTO is a design studio working on international projects.

Ultimate comfort with its thick seat cushions and numerous back cushions, the SIFAS, YAKIMOUR collection is the symbol of this chic Riviera which has stood the test of time and adapted to the present. A modern and timeless style for ultimate comfort.

A modern and traditional approach to this range of luxurious garden furniture, the YAKIMOUR by SIFAS collection responds to different style preferences.

Lacquered aluminum structure, covered with a system of braided polyester tubes.

The premium materials used in this collection ensure that YAKIMOUR garden furniture will last for many years without losing its elegance!

The work of the lacquered aluminum strips and their thickness, by the SIFAS teams, offers our customers a selection of products and collections of premium garden furniture with optimal longevity.

The art of weaving polyester tubes, made by hand in our factories, is a brilliant sign of the remarkable metamorphosis of outdoor furniture carried out by SIFAS since 1964.

Perfect blend of form and function, with its elegant design, signed by Domenico Diego and Cristina Pettenuzzo of OTTO Studio, the wing chair from the design garden furniture collection, YAKIMOUR is one of the most remarkable pieces of this range.

Its luxurious seat and unique aesthetic effortlessly create a serene and inviting atmosphere for a moment of comfort and escape.

Create a cozy corner for you and your guests and enjoy a timeless moment.

Discover the SIFAS collection of YAKIMOUR garden furniture !

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