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When summer arrives, it’s time to get out the deckchairs and relax enjoying the sun.

But how do you choose the sun lounger that best suits your terrace ?

It is also important to think about the style and atmosphere you want to create in your garden. Indeed, the deckchair has become, for several years, a real object of decoration! The lounge chair sports a multitude of styles, ready to blend in with the rest of your outdoor space.

Here are a few things to consider to help you choose !

1 – The good material

First, you need to decide what material you want for your deckchair. For 60 years, SIFAS has accompanied the remarkable metamorphosis of outdoor furniture and remains permanently on the lookout for technical advances which undeniably have shaped its history.

The materials most used in the SIFAS garden furniture collections are: aluminium, light and easy to move and clean, or teak wood, for an elegant and natural style that is easy to maintain.

The aluminum deckchair has a sober and minimalist design. A style that contributes to emphasize a more contemporary atmosphere. Add a colorful decorative cushion to your aluminum deck chair and ready to chill vibes !

For a Mediterranean and natural decor, opt for a teak deckchair instead !

Teak wood is known for its great resistance, in particular because it does not fear weather conditions. Rich in natural oil for durability and sturdiness, Teak remains the best wood for your garden furniture!



2 – The good shape 

Next, you need to choose the shape of your lounge chair. Deckchairs can be straight, inclined or even folding.

Straight deckchairs are perfect for reading or relaxing, while angled deckchairs are ideal for sunbathing or sleeping.

For a touch of style and originality, opt for designer garden deckchairs furniture, like those offered in the new SIFAS 2023 collection, Palm Springs !


3 – Made for you

Finally, you can choose additional options for your lounge chair.

You can opt for a deckchair with a cushion for more comfort, or even a lounge chair with an awning, to protect you from the sun.

Some deckchair models, such as those in the Kwadra high-end garden furniture collection, are equipped with wheels to facilitate movement, easily change the layout of your outdoor space or even to not miss a single ray of sunshine!

In summary, choosing the right sun lounger for your terrace depends on the material, shape and options you prefer.

To keep a harmonious outdoor space, choose one or more models which of course fit into your terrace or your garden. For more advice and support in your decoration project, our teams of decorator architects are there to guide you !

Whatever your choice, a comfortable and elegant deckchair will allow you to fully enjoy your summer in complete relaxation.

Discover our selection of luxurious lounge chairs to create a unique and elegant outdoor space! For more inspiration, visit our SIFAS Showrooms or